The Cold Shoulder Chain
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Give 'em the cold shoulder with a heavy metal piece that's sure to turn more than a few heads.

Wear it over dresses, tanks, tees - with this easy to assemble piece you can add an edge to literally everything in your closet. Get the step-by-step instructions below and channel your inner tough girl. 



Cut Chain

For this piece you're going to cut 12 individual pieces of chain:

Large gunmetal:

1 piece - 7 1/2 "

1 piece 15 1/2"

Medium Gunmetal:

1 piece - 9"

2 pieces - 5 1/2"

2 pieces - 5"

5 pieces - 4"


Attaching Draped Chains

Begin by taking your 9" piece of gunmetal chain and laying it straight out in front of you. 

Count in 6 links from the end and attach one of your 5 1/2" pieces of medium gunmetal chain using a 6mm jumpring. Repeat this step on the other end of the 9" piece. 

Count in 4 more links and attach one of your 5" pieces. Repeat this same step on the opposite end of the chain.

Count another 4 links in and attach your 4" piece of medium chain and continue adding every 4 links until you have used all of your 4" pieces. 

When all are attached, your links should look like the picture above. 

Attaching Arm Band

Now take your 15 1/2" piece of large gunmetal chain and lay it out on the side of the draped chains that are not attached. 

Count in 11 links from the end and begin attaching the loose ends of your draped chain using 6mm jump rings. 

Attach the loose drape links to every 3 links of large gunmetal chain until all pieces are attached. 

Finish Shoulder Strap

Take one end of your 9" medium gunmetal chain and attach it to the remaining 7 1/2" large gunmetal chain piece.

Finishing Arm Band

Take both ends of the 15 1/2" large gunmetal arm band piece and attach them together using an 8mm jump ring. 

Attach Clasp and Catch

On one end of your shoulder piece use an 8mm jump ring to attach the clasp. At the opposite end use another 8mm jump ring to attach the catch. 

Finished Piece

When finished, your piece should look like this laying flat. You may need to do some adjusting with the lengths of the draped pieces. It's best to do this on a model, however a dress form will work in a pinch as well. 

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  • Sew4my3 commented 5 years ago

    @blue jeans, that is great that you have made the shoulder piece. I would love ot see a photo of your finished project. Glad you really enjoyed the accessory and the fun in making it.

  • Susan Juvet commented 5 years ago

    I love this. I can't wait to make it with an even chunkier gold chain and maybe wear it over a black blazer. Executive Realness! 

  • Kollabora commented 5 years ago

    @blue jeans - yeah, we had to make a few edits to ours as well. glad it was a hit!

  • blue jeans commented 5 years ago

    I just made this!

    It turned out great. I didn't use any jumprings though.

    EDIT: After wearing it today, I realized the shoulder ring was too long by about 3/4ths inch.

    Great design, though; everyone loved it!

  • Sew4my3 commented 5 years ago

    Awesome piece! I wonder what this would look like with a few pearls or other gems added in to it. This really has my creative juices flowing!

  • sally commented 5 years ago

    Will definitely be making this one. Did somebody say "day to knight?"

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