Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend Bracelet
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What it lacks in carats, it more than makes up for in raw style. This simple bracelet is made from an oversized hammered link that makes a bold statement all on its own. 

We often think that subtle statements leave the biggest impact and we're positive that this delicate little piece will speak volumes in your ensembles. 



Cut Chain

Measure your wrist and cut two pieces of chain accordingly. Take into account that the hammered link measures approx. 30mm across - divide the remaining measurement of your wrist by 2 and that is the amount you will cut for each side of the bracelet.

It's best to err on the larger side, as it's easier to size down than it is to size up. Meaning, it's ok if you cut your chain a little too long.

Attach Link to Chain

Use one of your 4mm jump rings to attach the end of one chain link to a corner of your hammered link.

Repeat Step 2

Repeat step 2 on the opposite corner of your hammered link. When finished, your bracelet should look like the picture above.

Attach Clasp

Use the remaining two jump rings to attach your clasp and catch to the ends of the chain - or you can use your last jump ring as the catch.

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