DIY Copper Pipe Necklace // Kollabora Alt Summit Challenge
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Create a chic Copper Pendant necklace in three simple steps using copper pipe! Super easy and super chic!

  1. String Through: Pull cord through the copper pipe, making it even on each side. Once the pipe is hammered you will not be able to adjust cord.
  2. Hammer Time: Hammer away until the copper pipe is flattened! I used a steel bench block to hammer on but you can use any hard sturdy surface!
  3. Decorate Metal: Tape off selected sections of your flattened pendant and spray open areas with *Krylon Metal Spray paint. If you love how the pendant looks with it’s natural copper then skip this step!

FYI: *To be extra sure paint won’t chip off you can also spray with a clear sealer. I used silk cord which you can find HERE. Repin us @ObsessSesh. /Rose/




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