DIY Lace Collar
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Hi darlings, today I’m showing you how to make a cute retrò inspired collar. I’ve always loved those vintage dresses with rich elegant collars attacched to them (like this, or this, or this) but the problem is always the same: it’s attached! So I decided to make one myself I could apply to different dresses and jumpers. To make your outfits always slightly different whilst being on a budget ;-)

You’ll need:

lace collar shape (you can find them in any textile or haberdasher’s shop)
white or cream felt
textile scissors
small chain (upcycled from old jewelry)
hot glue and textile glue

Start by securing your lace to a peace of felt and grossly cut out the shape. Fix the parts together with textile glue, taking off the pins as you go on. With precision scissors cut off any exceeding part if needed. Now make two holes at the ends using scissors. TIP: try following the lace’s design and make a hole where there actually is a hole shape or similar. Now squeeze your chain through the two holes, making sure the central side is on the back of your collar (you don’t want it to be seen when you’re wearing it, right?). Finally, make a round line with the glue on the top border of the back side of the collar and quickly stick the chian into it. This isn’t so beautiful but who cares about back side? Don’t worry about it being thick, it’s ok when wearing.

Now try it on all your outfits [;-)]
In this tutorial I wear it on a simple pale pink oversized jumper. Do you suggest any other combinations? Might try it on neon blu.. the contrast would be incredibly strong! By the way I think this would fit perfectly with Irene’s DIY heart patch leggings, did you check them? Just have fun!

with love as always,
Find photos here

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  • vvonder commented 5 years ago

    Hi there, this project is featured on homepage banner this week! Woohoo!


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