Some weeks ago these geometric candle forms got my attention. When my mother in law said she wanted to use up her old candles and left over wax stumps I invited myself in and printed some of the shapes on the website.

I printed all shapes, but it turned out the little versions are so tiny, my big fingers did not even wanna give them a try :P

So you can see the big versions of Emily (the tall round one), Frank (the tiniest), Jessy (the tall crinkled), Whitney (the round green) and Sherry (the yellow flatish).

I enjoyed making the geometric forms a lot. Jessie was a favorite (not so much cutting and glueing like with the other forms. Frank is a no-brainer, I would redo this one with my kids. Sherry, Whitney and Emily are quite some work to cut and glue together, but I like the shapes very much. I would NOT have liked to put the tiny version together though.

The yellow candle is made with leftover beeswax I had from our candle pulling experiment. It was by far the fastest wax to melt. It also did not leak as much as the usual candle wax did. The tall crinkled candle looks a little bit like a saltstone lamp with the bubbles and the pink. The wax for this stood a while outside of the hot water and I guess it was a little bit to cold when I pourred it in. I like the effect nevertheless.

The tall candles all got a hole in the middle. I guess it's because the wax becomes solid at the outside areas first and because it shrinks when getting colder the center parts are left with less wax. That's actually not a problem because it will fill up with wax the moment you light the candle.

Over all I definetly will do this again but I prefer beeswax for the process. It melts faster, does not get as thin as parafin wax and therefore doesn't leak as much. Also it smells great and is a natural material. I guess there are means to give it a little bit of color, too. Maybe that will be the next experiment :)

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  • kneema commented 5 years ago

    really nice!!


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