Hoop and Dagger Earrings
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Natural with an edge, mini hoops get a tough makeover when paired with one of our favorite jewelry supplies: Howlite dagger beads. Simply slide the bead onto the hoop, take a pair of needle nose plier and slightly bend up the end of the hoop, and you're done! 

And, these mini hoops are just begging for variations--add more beads, use different colors, and let your imagination run wild!



Slide Bead Onto Hoop

Slighly pull the hoop ends apart at the top and slide beads onto hoop. 

Bend Flat End of Hoop

Take a pair of needle nose plier and bend the very tip of the flat end of the hoop up into a 90 degree angle. This creates the catch that you will then use to secure the end of the hoop into the hold on the other end.  

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