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Made View B - no contrasting bottom, and no ribbon (but belt loops instead).

Finally complete! Finished March 3rd, so it took me a couple weeks all in all (I think it was three afternoon sewing sessions). Part of the slowness - especially since I believe Deer & Doe designates this a beginner pattern - was just the time and labor intensity of the box pleats. I'm enough of a novice at sewing that that really slowed me down. It was my first time doing them, though, and I'm very pleased with the result with that in mind!

I do wish I'd had a bit more to go on as far as the belt loops were concerned. That might've actually been the trickiest thing to execute well. I think mine are a little sloppy, but when I've actually got a belt on you can't really tell, I don't think.

Instead of using bias tape on the hem I worked a folded hem, using the trick Felicia of the Craft Sessions writes about here: http://thecraftsessions.com/blog/?offset=1424374200000 I'd say it worked well for me!



  • Started Feb 10: made it through the pockets, sewing the back pieces to the front, and the pleats. Leaving the rest for later!

    4 years ago

Discussion 2

  • Laura (is as if) commented 4 years ago

    Very classic! And do I spy a Time Turner? ;)

    Dianna replied 4 years ago

    Haha, indeed! And I'm looking forward to finishing this one :)


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