The Martyn Scarf
by Andrea Jean Follow

Loving the crazy sexy wool from wool and the gang. knits up beautifully. My buddy Martyn watned a navy scarf with a narrow red stripe at both ends of the scarf... so its the Martyn scarf.


1.5 rolls W&TG Crazy Sexy Wool
1/4 roll W&TG alternate color for stripe
W&TG #10 knitting needles


Cast on 10 stiches (I use cable stitch) using alternate color wool
Knit 2 rows in alternate color
tie on the alternate color wool to the main color wool and the end of your second row
Knit until end of main color wool
tie in the alternate color
knit one row
cast off

Discussion 2

  • Sew4my3 commented 5 years ago

    Very cool modern colors! 

  • sally commented 5 years ago

    The Martyn is a statement piece only the trendiest men can wear. Martyn has great friends!


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