Paint Chip Necklace
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A rainbow of layered rectangle drops come together to create a fun statement necklace that gives an added edge to a basic ensemble.

Check out the easy to follow instructions below to make your own version! 



Measure and Cut Chain

You're going to need two pieces of chain for this piece: one that measures 19 1/2" and one that measures 8 1/2"

Attach Drops

Begin by attaching the first drop to the middle of your 19 1/2" chain using a 6mm jump ring. From there you will attach another drop every 4 chain links until you have attached 12 drops. 

Repeat this with the smaller 8 1/2" link of chain (we only attached 11 to the smaller piece, but you can attach 12 if you want). Make sure to leave about 5 links of chain on either side empty. 

Attach Smaller Chain to Necklace

On your main necklace, count up 8 chain links from the last attached drop and using a 6mm jump ring, attach the end of your smaller piece of chain to that link. Repeat this step on the other side of the necklace. 

Attach Clasp and Catch

Take two more 6mm jump rings and use them to attach your clasp to one end of the chain and your catch to the other. 


Your completed necklace should look like this! 

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