Printing with Moldable Stamps
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This is a great technique to create stamps from interesting patterns and textures that you can find around the house.

Moldable Foam or Magic Stamps is a product that I was totally unfamiliar with. I originally came across it on Pinterest and could not find it locally so I ordered it from Joann's Fabric. One source online recommended using ordinary craft foam, but I did not find that it worked well at all.

The blocks of foam need to be warmed with a heat gun for a few seconds. My husband had one that I tried, but it was too hot, and my hair dryer was not hot enough. The one that I went out and bought was perfect and could probably be handled safely by older children. After the block is heated you press the warm surface onto the textures and their impression remains. I used washable ink stamps to transfer the images to paper. The really great aspect is that the stamps can be used over and over, but once you have reheated the surface your design magically disappears and you can start again with a different texture. The ink washes off with water.

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