Razor's Edge Earrings
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Who said living on the edge had to be dangerous? With these razor charm earrings you can sport tough style without sacrificing your safety. We love how effortless they'll go with your favorite feminine dresses or your most beat up leather jacket. With just a few simple components you can have a seriously high-fashion accessory in no time!


What You'll Need

For each earring you will need:

3 pieces of chain (one approx. 4" long, the second approx. 3" long, the third 1" - these lengths can be adjusted depending on how long you want your finished earrings to hang).

1 earring hooks

2 razor blade charms

2 4mm jump rings

Attach Razor Blades

Take your razor blade charms and use the 4mm jump rings to attach one to either end of the 1" piece of chain. 

Razors are Ready

When finished, your razor charms should look like this.

Attach Chain to Earring Hook

Open your loop on your earring hook and slide the remaining two pieces of chain on, starting with the longest piece first. 

Add Razors

Next add your razor charms by sliding one of the ends with a jump ring onto the earring hook loop. Then take the other end of your shorter chain and slide it onto the loop, then your longer piece, creating a drape with both pieces of chain. 

Close Loop

Using a pair of flat or needle nose pliers, close the loop of the earring hook. 

Repeat for Second Earring

Repeat steps 2-7 for the second earring and you're done!

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