Super simple throw pillows
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Here are some supremely easy pillow covers I made today instead of doing my homework... at least I was productive? 

It's literally 3 attached rectangles that requires 3 lines of sewing per pillow. There is zero craftsmanship here, they only look OK because the fabric is beautiful!  I really should have taken a bit more time and care or at least made them knife-edge pillows so the corners don't stick out, but I wanted to get it done really fast. Oops!

I sewed the more square/colourful one a few years ago, but for the white and pink ones I did today this is what I did:

The pillow form measured 23" x 15.5" so I cut a 24" x 16.5" rectangle for the front. Then to allow for an overlap on the back to insert the pillow form (I didn't want to bother with zippers or closures) I cut two 16" x 16.5" rectangles. I used 1/2" seam allowances.

I folded under 1 side of the smaller rectangles half an inch and topstiched it to give the overlap a finished edge. Then I pinned all the pieces right sides together and sewed straight around using a 1/2" seam allowance. That's it, Done!

I got the fabric in Stockholm a few years back and its Mairo 2005 "Lore" design by Nathalie Dierkcksen. I just think the print and the fabric texture itself is gorgeous, I'll never get sick of it! It used to be curtains in my old apartment but I've repurposed it into pillows since the fabric was starting to yellow in the sun. 

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