Unkamen Shaggy Copper Earrings
by Unkamen Supplies Follow

We love the evocative color combo and the cool, fluttery movement and texture of these Copper Shaggy Earrings, which inspire in us daydreams of vacationing to small Mediterranean villages: dancing under the stars with a hunky Corsican...sipping tiny cups of coffee at a seaside cafe...

Wherever your fantasies take you, be sure to pack these gorgeous earrings. An easy project that jewelry enthusiasts of any skill level can master, check out the tutorial video from Unkamen Supplies to see just how quickly you can make a pair of your own...then call that travel agent!

NOTE: When starting this project keep in mind that you will need to first glue the blue drop beads into the copper cones before attaching them to the jump rings. A couple of dots of super glue or jewelry craft glue should have you set, just make sure to let the glue dry for at least 3-5 minutes before assembling. Also note that while the video below is for the Shaggy Beaded Bracelet, the techniques shown apply to constructing the earrings as well.



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