Varied Chain Dangle Earrings
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Create an easy look that can go from posh dinner party to punk rock prom! We love how the use of different chains in varying lengths adds a fresh edge to the simple design of these earrings. Add a few strands, or load them up. Follow our lead with a matched-metal, multi-chain trio, or go wild with a mixed-metal mashup! You determine how much heavy metal your ears can handle! 

Materials: For these earrings we used three different types of chain in varying lengths. You can do the same or stick to one type of chain. You will also need two 6mm jump rings and two 8mm jump rings, plus 2 earring hooks. 

Main photo by Will Anderson Photography



Step 1

Start by opening one of the 8mm jump rings and placing your chain onto ring. We chose to alternate pieces of chain depending on width and length to create an asymmetrical, uneven look.

Step 2

You can slide on as many or as few pieces of chain as you want. If you chose to add more than 6 or 7 pieces you may need to get a larger jump ring. Once you've added your chain, don't close your jump ring just yet... 

Step 3

Attach 8mm jump ring to one of the smaller 6mm jump rings then close the larger jump ring using your flat nose pliers. 

Step 4

Attach the 6mm jump ring to earring hook. 

Step 5

Repeat steps 2 - 4 with remaining set of chain, jump rings, and earrings hooks. 

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